Your Essential Handbook to TATA AIG International Travel Insurance

TATA AIG International Travel Insurance ensures worry-free travel by providing comprehensive coverage for accidents, sickness, lost luggage, and personal liability. Key features include medical treatment and evacuation, travel assistance, baggage loss or delay coverage, hijack distress allowance, and automatic policy extensions. With COVID-19 coverage and affordable policies starting at INR 40.82 per day, TATA AIG offers secure and convenient protection for your international travels.



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TATA AIG International Travel Insurance
TATA AIG International Travel Insurance

Your Essential Handbook to TATA AIG International Travel Insurance

Traveling abroad offers unique experiences, from tasting new cuisines to exploring different cultures. However, unexpected incidents like lost luggage, accidents, or medical emergencies can disrupt your trip. This is where international travel insurance becomes essential. TATA AIG provides comprehensive coverage to ensure you can travel worry-free.

Key Features of TATA AIG International Travel Insurance
  1. Accidents and Sickness Coverage: Covers costs associated with medical treatment for illnesses or accidents abroad, including medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.

  2. Travel Assistance: Provides help with medical treatment locations, and support in case of lost or stolen passports.

  3. Baggage Loss or Delay: Covers costs for purchasing necessary personal items or reimburses lost luggage.

  4. Personal Liability: Covers costs if you are involved in an accident causing injury to another person or damage to property.

  5. Hijack Cover: Provides distress allowance in case of hijacking.

  6. Automatic Extensions: Extends coverage if you are hospitalized or if your flight home is delayed beyond your policy’s expiry date.

Advantages of TATA AIG International Travel Insurance
  1. COVID-19 Coverage: Covers treatment costs if you test positive for COVID-19 while traveling.

  2. Pay in Rupees, Get Cover in Dollars: Premiums are paid in INR, but coverage is provided in USD.

  3. Affordable Policies: Starting at INR 40.82 per day.

  4. Instant Policy Purchase: Easy online purchase without extensive paperwork.

Coverage Details
  • COVID-19 Covers: Medical expenses incurred due to COVID-19.

  • Trip Cancellation and Curtailment: Covers non-refundable expenses if the trip is canceled or cut short due to COVID-19.

  • Baggage Covers: Compensation for delayed or lost baggage.

  • Journey Covers: Covers expenses due to lost passport, trip curtailment, trip cancellation, missed flights, bounced bookings, and theft at home.

  • Medical Covers: Covers medical emergencies, evacuation, accidental death, and repatriation.

  • Journey Exclusions: Losses due to confiscation by authorities, war, nuclear reactions, and serving as aircraft crew.

  • Medical Exclusions: Pre-existing conditions, injuries under the influence, adventure sports, self-inflicted injuries, and certain other scenarios.

  • Baggage Exclusions: Loss of electronic items, money, credit cards, and baggage shipped separately.

Choosing the Right Policy
  1. Destination: Check the travel insurance requirements of your destination country.

  2. Travel Frequency: Opt for a single-trip or multi-trip policy based on your travel frequency.

  3. Duration of the Trip: Choose a policy duration slightly exceeding your trip dates.

  4. People Traveling: Include all traveling members in the policy.

  5. Claim Limit: Select a suitable sum insured based on your travel destination and duration.

Planning Your Trip
  • Buy Travel Insurance Online: Secure your trip by purchasing a policy online in a few easy steps.

  • Understand Travel Insurance Requirements: Some countries mandate travel insurance for visa approval.

  • Carry Essentials: Passport, travel adapters, medical kit, sunscreen, international travel insurance, Forex card, camera, weather-appropriate clothing, and comfortable shoes.

  • Precautions: Keep your passport safe, avoid carrying too much cash, be aware of local scams, and spread your cash in different places.

Important Information
  • Countries Requiring Mandatory Insurance: Antarctica, Cuba, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Qatar, Russia, Schengen Countries, Turkey, UAE, USA.

  • Visa on Arrival for Indians: Countries in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and Oceania where Indians can get a visa on arrival.

TATA AIG’s international travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage to ensure your travels are smooth and secure. For more information and to purchase a policy, visit TATA AIG.

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