Ultimate Handbook to TATA AIG Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

TATA AIG's senior citizen travel insurance provides comprehensive coverage for travelers over 71, ensuring worry-free trips. Key features include coverage for accidents, illnesses, medical evacuation, repatriation, and emergency dental services. Travel assistance, baggage loss or delay coverage, and personal liability protection are also included. Policies start at INR 188 per day, with a dedicated claim helpline for support. Coverage extends automatically if hospitalization or flight delays occur, offering peace of mind for senior travelers.



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 TATA AIG's senior citizen travel insurance
 TATA AIG's senior citizen travel insurance

Ultimate Handbook to TATA AIG Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Travel knows no age limit, and TATA AIG's senior citizen travel insurance is designed to provide comprehensive coverage for individuals above the age of 71. These plans cater to the unique needs and requirements of senior citizens, ensuring they can enjoy their travels without worry. Our dedicated helpline ensures quick claims settlement and minimal disruptions during your trip.

Key Features of TATA AIG Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
  1. Cover for Accidents and Illnesses: Covers costs related to emergency medical treatment, medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, and emergency dental services.

  2. Travel Assistance: Provides help with locating medical treatment and assistance in case of lost or stolen passports.

  3. Baggage Loss or Delay: Covers costs for necessary personal items or reimbursement for lost luggage.

  4. Personal Liability: Covers costs if involved in an accident causing injury to another person or damage to property.

  5. Automatic Extensions: Extends coverage for 60 days if hospitalized or 7 days if the return flight is delayed beyond the policy expiry date.

Advantages of TATA AIG International Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
  1. COVID-19 Coverage: Covers treatment costs if diagnosed with COVID-19 during the trip and requires hospitalization.

  2. Affordable Policies: Starting at just INR 188 per day.

  3. Dedicated Claim Helpline: Call 1 800 22 99 66 for claim support and additional assistance while overseas.

  4. Cover for All Ages: No age limit for coverage, ensuring travel security for everyone.

Coverage Details
  • Baggage Covers:

    • Delayed Baggage: Covers costs for necessary personal items until your delayed baggage arrives.

    • Lost Baggage: Reimbursement for items in lost or stolen luggage.

  • Journey Covers:

    • Policy Extension: Automatic 7-day extension if the return flight is delayed.

    • Personal Liability: Covers damages caused to third parties.

    • Lost Passport: Covers expenses for obtaining a new passport.

  • Medical Covers:

    • Medical Emergencies: Covers costs for treatment of illnesses and accidents abroad.

    • Emergency Medical Evacuation: Covers costs for emergency medical evacuation to the nearest hospital or back to India.

    • Accidental Death and Repatriation: Provides the full sum insured amount and repatriation costs in case of fatality.

  • General Exclusions: No coverage for suicide, intentional self-harm, sexually-transmitted diseases, mental disorders, injuries due to intoxication, illegal activities, military service, war-like situations, terrorism, nuclear reactions, or congenital anomalies.

  • Specific Exclusions: No coverage for fractures due to osteoporosis or injuries in pre-existing conditions.

Important Travel Tips for Senior Citizens
  1. Time the Trip Perfectly: Avoid extreme weather conditions to prevent health issues.

  2. Carry Your Medicines: Bring all necessary medications to avoid high costs abroad.

  3. Keep Your Passport Safe: Store it securely and carry a copy for identification.

Purchasing Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Buying senior citizen travel insurance online with TATA AIG is easy. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit the TATA AIG Website: Go to TATA AIG Senior Citizen Travel Insurance.

  2. Provide Trip Details: Enter destination, travel dates, and traveler information.

  3. Compare Plans: Select the best plan based on coverage and premium.

  4. Complete the Purchase: Finish the process online and receive your policy via email.

With TATA AIG's senior citizen travel insurance, you can travel confidently, knowing you're protected against unexpected events. Enjoy your journey with peace of mind!

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