Testbook is transforming the way students prepare for competitive exams in India. Since its inception, Testbook has committed to providing innovative, accessible, and high-quality resources for millions of students. From launching the Course Download feature and expanding into the K-12 segment to introducing new exams and multilingual test series, Testbook has consistently prioritized student needs. With a focus on offline accessibility, strategic partnerships, and continuous innovation, Testbook has become a trusted platform for exam preparation. Join the Testbook community and experience a smarter way to succeed.


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From Startup to Leader: The Remarkable Journey of Testbook

In a world where competitive exams often determine the course of one's career, the preparation process becomes paramount. Enter Testbook, a platform that reshapes students' preparation for these crucial assessments. Since its inception, Testbook has committed to providing innovative, accessible, high-quality resources for millions of students across India. Let's delve into Testbook's remarkable journey, exploring the milestones and vision that drive it.

2019: A Year of Remarkable Achievements

The year 2019 was a period of significant growth and innovation for Testbook. The last quarter saw the launch of the highly anticipated Course Download feature, making it easier for students to access materials offline. This period also marked Testbook's expansion into the K-12 segment with the launch of IIT JEE courses. Testbook app installs soared to 1 crore, and the Current Affairs app reached 80 lakh installs. Notably, Testbook introduced ten new exams and celebrated crossing 500,000 TikTok subscribers, reflecting its growing influence and reach.

The earlier months of 2019 were equally dynamic. By mid-year, Testbook had registered 75 lakh students, underscoring its role as a preferred platform for competitive exam preparation. The Railways' ALP Psychometric Test was a standout success, and Testbook's Alexa rank in India climbed to 38, placing it among the top 50 websites in the country. The first Smart Practice Book was launched, providing students with innovative tools for efficient learning. Furthermore, the Current Affairs app received a user-friendly redesign, and the platform became fully bilingual, supporting both Hindi and English.

2018: Breaking New Grounds

In 2018, Testbook continued its upward trajectory. By the end of the year, the platform had surpassed 50 lakh registered users. The partnership with Bright Publishers was a significant milestone, which helped launch ten new test series. The first Pass Day, held in the third quarter, added over 50,000 paying users daily. Testbook's apps collectively crossed 6 million installs, and the offline expansion into West Bengal was a strategic move to reach more students.

The introduction of a multilingual test series covering over ten languages in mid-2018 was a game-changer, making Testbook accessible to a broader demographic. The referral program and the launch of the first live course further cemented Testbook's position as an innovative leader in the ed-tech space. The platform's growth was unstoppable, with 40 lakh students registered by mid-year.

2017: A Year of Growth and Innovation

Testbook's journey in 2017 was marked by rapid growth and strategic initiatives. The launch of subscription plans in the third quarter provided flexible options for students, contributing to solving 50 crore questions on the platform. By the end of the year, the Testbook app had achieved 20 lakh installs, while the Current Affairs app had crossed 40 lakh installs. Participating in Franchise India 2017, Testbook highlighted its expanding footprint and commitment to quality education.

Raising Series A funding from Matrix Partners in mid-2017 enabled further innovation and growth. During this period, tests for SSC CPO, BOB PO, and NICL AO were launched, showcasing Testbook's expanding range of offerings, addressing diverse exam needs, and reinforcing its position as a comprehensive exam preparation platform.

2016: Laying a Strong Foundation

Strategic initiatives and continuous innovation laid the foundation for Testbook's success. By the end of 2016, Testbook had registered 10 lakh students and facilitated solving 20 crore questions. The introduction of the Testbook Smart Lab and the launch of the Current Affairs app were significant milestones. The platform's reach extended with the launch of tests for IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1, RBI Officer Grade B, and BSNL JE TTA.

The early months of 2016 saw the launch of the Testbook eCard and the first Testbook Online Centre, making it easier for students to access quality education. The rollout of test series for RRB NTPC and SSC CGL catered to the needs of a diverse student population, reinforcing Testbook's commitment to comprehensive and accessible exam preparation.

2015 and 2014: The Beginning of a Vision

Testbook's journey began with a clear vision: to make high-quality exam preparation accessible to all. The early years were marked by significant milestones, including the launch of the Testbook Android app and the achievement of 50 lakh questions solved by mid-2015. The introduction of the campus placement test series and the GATE Live Tests reflected Testbook's innovative approach to education.

By the end of 2014, Testbook had launched its first-ever live test (IBPS Clerk) and secured seed funding to fuel its growth. The initial response was overwhelmingly positive, laying a solid foundation for the platform's future success.

The Road Ahead

Testbook's journey from a startup to a leading exam preparation platform is a testament to its commitment to innovation, quality, and accessibility. With millions of students registered, billions of questions solved, and countless success stories, Testbook continues to empower students across India. As the platform evolves, it remains dedicated to making high-quality education accessible to all.

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