Slice aims to revolutionize money and time management, focusing on delivering exceptional consumer experiences. The company's core products include the Slice Account for financial management, Slice UPI for seamless transactions, and Slice Borrow for easy access to credit. Slice's work culture emphasizes impact, innovation, and happiness, with a team of young, motivated individuals averaging 26 years old. Supported by leading investors like Tiger Global and Insight Partners, Slice offers dynamic opportunities to improve financial experiences and make a meaningful difference.


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Why Slice is the Best Place to Work: Culture, Innovation, and Impact

Slice aims to revolutionize the way people use money and time, focusing on delivering the best consumer experience. The company believes in creating a product that transcends customer demographics, much like how great music resonates universally.

Core Products
  1. Slice Account: Offers users a fast and simple way to manage their finances.

  2. Slice UPI: A unified payments interface for seamless transactions.

  3. Slice Borrow: Provides easy access to credit for various financial needs.

Work Culture

At Slice, employees have the chance to make a significant and positive impact on people's lives through their careers. The team is composed of young, innovative, self-motivated, and happy individuals, with an average age of 26. Slice believes in tailoring the working experience to embrace the present moment, fostering an environment where happiness and success are achieved collectively.

Backing and Support

Slice is supported by leading investors, ensuring strong financial backing and guidance. Key investors include:

  • Tiger Global

  • Insight Partners

  • Advent International

  • Blume Ventures

  • Gunosy Capital


Joining Slice means being part of a dynamic and innovative team dedicated to improving financial experiences for users. Employees have the opportunity to contribute to meaningful projects that make a difference in how people manage their money and time.


Slice is not just a financial services provider; it's a company dedicated to innovation and excellence in consumer experience. By joining Slice, you'll be part of a forward-thinking team that's making a tangible difference in people's financial lives, backed by some of the most prominent investors in the industry.

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