Razorpay, founded by IIT Roorkee alumni, revolutionizes online business transactions with developer-friendly APIs and seamless integration. It offers secure, affordable payment solutions for merchants, schools, and e-commerce, supporting credit/debit cards, netbanking, UPI, and popular wallets. RazorpayX enhances business banking with features like current accounts, automated payouts, payroll compliance, marketplace management, and working capital loans. Enjoy quick onboarding, comprehensive financial products, and 24x7 support.


6/10/20242 min read


How Razorpay is Transforming Money Management for E-Commerce

For a long time, enabling frictionless transactions has been a major challenge, and no one seemed to be doing it right. We decided to tackle it ourselves. Founded by IIT Roorkee alumni, Razorpay aims to revolutionize money management for online businesses by providing clean, developer-friendly APIs and hassle-free integration.

What Razorpay Offers

Razorpay provides a fast, affordable, and secure way for merchants, schools, ecommerce, and other companies to accept and disburse payments online, own a fully-functional current account, and avail working capital loans. It is the only payments solution in India that allows businesses to accept, process, and disburse payments with its comprehensive product suite.

Payment Modes Supported:
  • Credit Card

  • Debit Card

  • Netbanking

  • UPI

  • Popular Wallets (JioMoney, Mobikwik, Airtel Money, FreeCharge, Ola Money, PayZapp)

Learn more about Razorpay's payment solutions.

RazorpayX: Supercharging Business Banking

RazorpayX enhances your business banking experience by bringing effectiveness, efficiency, and excellence to all financial processes. With RazorpayX, businesses can access fully-functional current accounts, supercharge their payouts, and automate payroll compliance.

Key Features of RazorpayX:
  • Current Accounts: Provided by partner banks (ICICI, RBL, Yes Bank) in accordance with RBI regulations. Learn more.

  • Payouts Automation: Simplify and speed up payouts to vendors and customers. Learn more.

  • Payroll Compliance Automation: Ensure timely and accurate payroll processing. Learn more.

  • Marketplace Management: Streamline operations and manage your marketplace effortlessly. Learn more.

  • Bank Transfers Automation: Automate bank transfers to save time and reduce errors. Learn more.

  • Recurring Payments Collection: Collect payments on a regular basis without hassle. Learn more.

  • Invoice Sharing: Generate and share invoices with customers. Learn more.

  • Working Capital Loans: Avail loans to support your business growth. Learn more.

Fast Forward Your Business with Razorpay

Razorpay provides everything you need to accelerate your business operations, from payment processing to banking solutions.

Benefits of Using Razorpay:
  • Quick Onboarding: Get started quickly with a seamless onboarding process. Sign up now.

  • Access to Entire Product Suite: Utilize a comprehensive range of financial products and services. Explore products.

  • API Access: Integrate with your systems using developer-friendly APIs. Learn more.

  • 24x7 Support: Access round-the-clock support to resolve any issues promptly. Contact support.


The RazorpayX powered Current Account and VISA corporate credit card are provided by RBI licensed banks. Your RazorpayX powered current account is provided by our partner banks (ICICI, RBL, Yes Bank) in accordance with RBI regulations. RazorpayX itself is not a bank and doesn't hold or claim to hold a banking license.

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