Founded in 2012, Purplle is a leading omnichannel beauty destination in India, offering over 1000 brands and 60,000 products to its 7 million monthly active users. Expanding in 2022, Purplle now has 6000+ offline touchpoints and 8 exclusive stores. Its private D2C brands include FACES CANADA, Good Vibes, Carmesi, Purplle, and NY Bae. Known for a personalized shopping experience, Purplle became India's 102nd unicorn in 2022 with backing from top investors like ADIA, Kedaara, and Sequoia Capital India.


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Purplle's Impact on the Indian Beauty Market: Achievements and Growth

Founded in 2012, Purplle is one of India’s leading omnichannel beauty destinations. It has established a strong platform featuring over 1000 brands, 60,000 products, and 7 million monthly active users. Purplle expanded its reach in 2022 with 6000+ offline touchpoints and 8 exclusive stores.

Product and Brand Offerings

In addition to offering a wide range of third-party brands, Purplle has successfully scaled its private D2C brands, which include:


  • Good Vibes

  • Carmesi

  • Purplle

  • NY Bae

Personalized Shopping Experience

Purplle has built a unique and highly personalized shopping experience, both online and offline. This includes:

  • Creating detailed user personas

  • Enabling customers to test makeup

  • Recommending products based on personality, search keywords, and purchase behavior

Milestones and Achievements

In 2022, Purplle became India’s 102nd unicorn, marking a significant milestone in its journey. The company is backed by prestigious investors such as:

  • Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA)

  • Kedaara

  • Premji Invest

  • Sequoia Capital India

  • JSW Ventures

  • Goldman Sachs

  • Verlinvest

  • Blume Ventures

  • Paramark Ventures

Team and Leadership

With a robust team of over 3,000 members, Purplle is well-positioned to lead in the rapidly growing Indian beauty industry.

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