Protect Your Studies Abroad with TATA AIG Student Travel Insurance

Studying abroad is exciting but can be costly, especially if unexpected events occur. TATA AIG's student travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage to protect you and your family's finances while you study abroad. Key features include coverage for accidents, illnesses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, compassionate visits, study interruption, baggage loss, and travel assistance. With affordable policies starting at INR 41.33 per day, TATA AIG ensures peace of mind for students and their families.



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TATA AIG Student Travel Insurance
TATA AIG Student Travel Insurance

Protect Your Studies Abroad with TATA AIG Student Travel Insurance

Studying abroad can be an exciting yet expensive endeavor. From tuition fees to the cost of living, unexpected situations such as sickness or accidents can further strain your finances. TATA AIG’s student travel insurance is designed to provide comprehensive coverage to keep you and your family's finances safe while you pursue your education abroad.

Features of TATA AIG Student Travel Insurance
  1. Cover for Accidents and Illnesses: Covers costs associated with medical treatment, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, and emergency dental services.

  2. Compassionate Visits: Covers the cost of having a family member visit you if you are hospitalized for more than seven consecutive days, or for you to visit a hospitalized family member back home.

  3. Study Interruption: Reimburses unused tuition fees if you cannot complete a semester due to medical emergencies or family bereavement.

  4. Travel Assistance: Provides assistance for medical treatment locations and applying for a new passport if lost or stolen.

  5. Hijack Cover: Offers distress allowance in case of hijacking.

  6. Personal Liability: Covers costs if you are involved in an accident causing injury to another person or damage to property.

  7. Baggage Loss or Delay: Covers costs for necessary personal items or reimburses lost luggage.

Advantages of TATA AIG International Student Travel Insurance
  1. Study Interruption: Reimbursement of semester fees if studies are interrupted due to medical emergencies.

  2. Sponsor Protection: Covers tuition fees if the sponsor is fatally injured or permanently disabled.

  3. Pay in Rupees, Get Cover in Dollars: Premiums are paid in INR, but coverage is provided in USD.

  4. Affordable Policies: Starting at just INR 41.33 per day.

Coverage Details
  • COVID-19 Covers: Medical expenses incurred due to COVID-19 diagnosis and hospitalization outside India.

  • Baggage Covers:

    • Delayed Checked-In Baggage: Covers costs for necessary personal items during baggage delay.

    • Lost Checked-In Baggage: Reimbursement for lost or stolen items.

  • Journey Covers:

    • Sponsor Protection: Covers tuition fees if the sponsor can no longer pay due to injury or death.

    • Lost Passport: Covers expenses for obtaining a new passport.

    • Missed Flights: Covers additional expenses due to missed departure or connecting flights.

    • Hijack Help: Provides distress allowance during hijacking.

    • Personal Liability: Covers damages caused to third parties.

    • Fraudulent Charges: Reimbursement for unauthorized transactions on stolen cards.

    • Bail Bond: Covers bail bond costs if wrongfully detained.

  • Medical Covers:

    • Medical Emergencies: Covers treatment costs for illnesses and accidents.

    • Emergency Evacuation: Covers costs for medical evacuation.

    • Continuing Treatment: Covers medical expenses for ongoing treatment after a settled claim.

    • Accidental Death and Repatriation: Provides sum insured amount and repatriation costs in case of fatality.

    • Study Interruption: Reimburses unused tuition fees for prolonged hospitalization or family emergencies.

    • Compassionate Visit: Covers travel costs for a family member to visit you during hospitalization.

    • Maternity Benefit: Covers in-patient maternity treatment and post-natal care.

    • Childcare Benefits: Covers hospitalization costs for infants.

    • Cancer Screening: Covers costs for recommended cancer screening tests.

    • Physiotherapy: Covers costs for medically necessary physiotherapy after an accident.

  1. Journey Exclusions: Losses due to confiscation, war, nuclear reactions, participating in adventure sports, intoxication, and pet illness are not covered.

  2. Medical Exclusions: Pre-existing conditions, injuries under the influence, self-inflicted injuries, and serving in the armed forces are not covered.

  3. Baggage Exclusions: Loss of baggage shipped separately or delayed in India is not covered.

When Is Student Travel Insurance Required?
  1. For Admission: Some educational institutions require travel insurance for visa approval and confirmation of admission.

  2. In Medical Emergencies: Covers hefty medical bills for quality treatment abroad.

  3. When You Need Family: Covers travel costs for a family member to visit during extended hospitalization.

  4. When Your Studies Are Interrupted: Reimburses tuition fees if you have to interrupt your studies due to severe illness or family emergencies.

Planning Your International Study Trip
  • Buy Travel Insurance Online: Secure your trip by purchasing a policy online in a few easy steps.

  • Understand Travel Insurance Requirements: Check if your destination country requires mandatory travel insurance.

  • Carry Essentials: Passport, travel adapters, medical kit, sunscreen, travel insurance, Forex card, camera, weather-appropriate clothing, and comfortable shoes.

  • Important Precautions: Keep your passport safe, avoid carrying too much cash, and be aware of local scams.

TATA AIG’s student travel insurance offers comprehensive coverage to ensure you can focus on your studies without worrying about unexpected expenses. For more information and to purchase a policy, visit TATA AIG Student Travel Insurance.

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