Matri, developed by Silifarm Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2020, revolutionizes menstrual health with its innovative, drug-free solution for menstrual discomfort. Utilizing Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), this portable, rechargeable device offers quick, sustained relief, integrating seamlessly into women's daily lives. Founded by Roni Mondal and Rohan Roy, Matri represents their commitment to addressing menstrual pain with compassion and ingenuity. Beyond pain relief, Matri aims to break stigmas and promote open discussions about menstrual health, empowering women to embrace their cycles without limitations.


4/30/20242 min read


Empowering Women’s Wellness: The Visionary Approach Behind Matri’s Creation

In a world where technological advancements continually reshape our everyday experiences, Matri's pioneering endeavour emerges, redefining the landscape of women's health and comfort. Born from the innovative minds at Silifarm Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a company inaugurated with purpose and vision in 2020, Matri stands as a testament to the power of ingenuity and compassion blended seamlessly to address an intensely personal yet universally understood challenge: menstrual discomfort.

Matri is not just another product; it is a carefully crafted solution designed with the modern woman in mind—fashionable, portable, rechargeable, and, most importantly, drug-free. Utilizing cutting-edge Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology, Matri targets the pain directly at its source, offering quick and sustained relief within minutes. This device integrates effortlessly into the daily lives of its users, whether they're navigating the demands of work, academia, or travel, ensuring that menstrual pain no longer imposes limits on their lifestyle.

Behind this groundbreaking innovation are Roni Mondal and Rohan Roy, two dynamic entrepreneurs in their mid-twenties. These visionary co-founders embarked on their journey to alleviate the menstrual struggles faced by women around them, motivated by both personal connections and a broader commitment to societal well-being. Matri's inception was met with scepticism and challenges, as entering a domain traditionally dominated by female-centric products as male entrepreneurs was no small feat. Yet, their unwavering determination and a robust foundation in electrical engineering propelled them forward.

The development of Matri was a journey marked by relentless research, development, and iteration. Roni, Rohan, and their dedicated team poured countless hours into crafting prototypes, consulting with women's health experts, and engaging with potential users to refine and perfect their creations. Their efforts culminated in a device that not only promises to revolutionize how women manage menstrual pain but also aims to break down the stigmas surrounding menstrual health discussions.

Matri's mission transcends the boundaries of a typical product launch; it is a bold statement supporting women's health empowerment. It envisions a world where women of all ages can embrace their monthly cycles without dread, equipped with a solution that prioritizes their comfort and well-being. This vision is a call to action, inviting society to celebrate innovation that addresses physical discomfort and nurtures a culture of empathy, openness, and support.

Matri by Silifarm Technologies is more than an innovation; it is a movement towards a future where menstrual health is no longer shrouded in silence but embraced as an integral part of women's well-being. Through Matri, Roni and Rohan have provided a solution to a longstanding problem and ignited a conversation about the importance of addressing and prioritizing women's health in all its facets. Matri stands as a beacon of hope, a reminder that through creativity, dedication, and a deep understanding of human needs, we can transform challenges into opportunities for empowerment and change.

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