Launched in 2007, ixigo empowers Indian travelers to plan, book, and manage trips across rail, air, buses, and hotels using AI, machine learning, and data science. Our OTA platforms offer seamless booking and travel utility tools, including train tickets, flight tickets, bus tickets, hotels, and cabs. Key features include PNR status, flight updates, bus running status, price alerts, and personalized recommendations. Our mission is to be the most customer-centric travel company, focusing on the 'next billion users' with innovative tools and cost-efficient services. Explore ixigo for smarter travel decisions and hassle-free bookings.


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Book Flights, Trains, and Hotels Easily with ixigo

Launched in 2007, ixigo is a technology company dedicated to empowering Indian travellers to plan, book, and manage their trips across rail, air, buses, and hotels. By leveraging artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, ixigo assists travellers in making smarter travel decisions through its OTA (Online Travel Agency) platforms, including websites and mobile applications. Our vision is to become the most customer-centric travel company, offering the best customer experience for the 'next billion user' segment. This focus is driven by technology, cost-efficiency, and a culture of innovation, making ixigo India's leading travel ecosystem.

Our Offerings

ixigo's OTA platforms enable travellers to book various travel services and provide multiple travel utility tools and services, such as:

Key Features and Tools
  • PNR Status and Confirmation Predictions: Receive updates on your train ticket status and predictions on confirmation.

  • Flight Status Updates: Get real-time updates on the status of your flights.

  • Bus Running Status: Stay informed about your bus's location and expected arrival time.

  • Pricing and Availability Alerts: Get alerts on price drops and availability for various travel services.

  • Deal Discovery and Destination Content: Discover deals and read content about different travel destinations.

  • Personalized Recommendations: Get travel suggestions based on your preferences.

  • Automated Customer Support: Receive instant support through our automated systems.

Booking Services
  • Flights: Book both domestic and international flights with ease, benefit from free cancellation options, and take advantage of multiple flight booking offers.

  • Trains: Easily book train tickets, check PNR status, and monitor train running status, all with no payment gateway fees when booking via UPI.

  • Buses: Experience a simple and straightforward bus booking process with options for every budget.

  • Hotels: Search and book from thousands of hotels across various price ranges.

Popular Routes

Here are some trending international flight routes from popular Indian cities:

  • Delhi to Canada

  • Delhi to Malaysia

  • Delhi to Thailand

  • Delhi to Nepal

  • Mumbai to Thailand

  • Delhi to Turkey

  • Mumbai to Canada

  • Mumbai to Turkey

  • Delhi to Vietnam

  • Mumbai to Vietnam

Why Choose ixigo?
  1. Smart Travel Decisions: Leveraging AI and data science to assist travellers in making informed choices.

  2. Wide Range of Services: Comprehensive travel services including flights, trains, buses, hotels, and cabs.

  3. Customer-Centric Approach: Focus on providing the best customer experience for the 'next billion users'.

  4. Innovative Tools: Proprietary algorithms and crowd-sourced information for enhanced travel planning.

  5. Ease of Use: User-friendly platforms that simplify the booking process.

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Plan your next vacation with ixigo, and experience hassle-free travel planning and booking.

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