Founded by 21-year-olds Gaurang and Avik in Delhi, FOMO is revolutionizing the beverage industry with a commitment to health and transparency. Born from a desire to offer genuine, flavorful drinks, FOMO's products are made with natural ingredients, free from refined sugars and preservatives. Their journey from kitchen experiments to securing major clients highlights their dedication to disrupting a market dominated by sugary, artificial beverages. FOMO stands as a beacon of innovation, offering consumers a healthier, honest alternative and promoting a movement towards transparency in beverage consumption.


4/29/20242 min read


Shaking Up the Beverage Market: FOMO's Bold Challenge to Sugary Drinks

In the heart of Delhi, a story of resilience, creativity, and a bold challenge to the status quo unfolds with the inception of FOMO, a beverage brand that's more than just a name. Founded by two spirited 21-year-olds, Gaurang and Avik, FOMO embodies a dream fueled by a love for food, a passion for athleticism, and a profound dissatisfaction with the current beverage landscape.

The genesis of FOMO wasn't in a high-end lab or through an extensive market research firm; it began in the modest kitchens of its founders. Here, amidst the everyday chaos of pots and pans, Gaurang and Avik embarked on a culinary adventure that was as messy as it was ambitious. Their mission was simple yet revolutionary: to create a palatable but also honest, healthy, and transparent beverage. This starkly contrasted with the market's prevalent offerings, often little more than sugar-laden drinks masquerading as health potions.

Their journey from kitchen experiments to securing a significant client, Khan Chacha, in Delhi NCR, is a testament to their unyielding spirit and marks the beginning of a significant brand-building voyage. But what drove these young entrepreneurs to take on an industry dominated by giants?

It was a realization that struck hard: the realization that many beverages, under the guise of being healthy, were anything but. They discovered that an iced tea, which should ideally be a simple blend of tea and flavours, often contained no tea at all. Instead, these products were brimming with sugar and artificial ingredients and sold at exorbitant prices, exploiting consumers' trust and wallets.

Fuelled by this revelation and their mantra of "no backing down," Gaurang and Avik decided to disrupt the beverage industry. They aimed to introduce products that were not only flavorful but made with natural, wholesome ingredients sourced directly from India's rich landscapes. Their iced teas were to declare war against the industry's deceitful practices, promising a product as authentic as their intentions.

The road FOMO embarked on was fraught with challenges. Shunning refined ingredients, preservatives, and chemicals favouring natural alternatives like teas, honey, and khand was not taken lightly. It was a commitment to quality and integrity, even if it meant going against the grain and facing the hurdles head-on.

Today, FOMO is a beacon of innovation and health consciousness in the beverage industry. It's a brand that's not just selling a product but is also selling a promise—a promise of transparency, quality, and a healthier choice for consumers. Gaurang and Avik's journey from disillusioned consumers to pioneering entrepreneurs is a powerful narrative of change, challenging us to rethink our choices and inspiring us to demand more from the products we consume.

In essence, FOMO is not just about the fear of missing out on a trend; it's about creating a movement towards a healthier, more transparent future in beverage consumption. It's a call to action for everyone not just to settle for what's available but to seek out and support products that truly embody the values of honesty, health, and sustainability.

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