Founded in April 2019, Bijak is transforming India's agricultural commodities trading with a tech-driven B2B marketplace. Addressing key challenges faced by suppliers and buyers, Bijak enhances transparency and trust across the agricultural value chain. With a presence in 28 states and over 30,000 users, the platform connects traders, providing reliable counterparty ratings and facilitating informed decisions. Bijak's innovative approach is backed by visionary leadership and global investors, driving progress and efficiency in India's agricultural sector.


5/29/20243 min read


How Bijak is Transforming B2B Agriculture Trade Across India

In April 2019, Bijak was founded with a bold vision: to transform India's agricultural commodities trading landscape. This B2B marketplace was created to address the significant challenges agriculture suppliers and buyers face across India's vast Agri value chain. Today, Bijak is a beacon of innovation, bridging the gaps in information asymmetry and accountability that have long plagued the agricultural sector. With a presence in 28 states, over 2,000 regions, and a growing user base of more than 30,000, Bijak is revolutionising agrarian trade.

Empowering the Backbone of India's Agriculture

B2B agriculture traders are the linchpin of India's agricultural economy, controlling 80% of the country's USD 300 billion Agri value chain. Despite their critical role, these traders have traditionally needed more access to technology, reliable information, and credit. Bijak addresses these issues head-on. By offering a robust platform where suppliers and buyers can discover each other and access counterparty ratings, Bijak facilitates transactions with a layer of trust and reliability. This transparency and ease of transaction are game-changers, helping traders make quicker, more informed decisions.

A Platform Built on Trust and Innovation

The Bijak app is designed to do more than facilitate transactions; it aims to build a trusted trading community. The platform provides detailed meta-data about trading partners, enhancing transparency and reducing the friction associated with agricultural trade. Users can confidently make transactions, knowing they have access to accurate information and reliable counterparty ratings. This innovative approach streamlines the trading process and fosters a more connected and efficient marketplace.

Driving Growth with a Visionary Team

Bijak's success can be attributed to its visionary founding team, which includes entrepreneurs, investment bankers, and venture capitalists with extensive experience in leading organisations like J.P. Morgan, Avendus Capital, Rocket Internet, and ZS Associates. Their collective expertise and entrepreneurial spirit have been crucial in steering Bijak toward rapid growth and innovation. The team's deep understanding of the agricultural sector and their strategic insight have positioned Bijak as a leader in the market.

Backed by Global Investors

Bijak's innovative model and impressive growth trajectory have attracted significant attention from global investors. The company has raised approximately $33.5 million (INR 250 Crores) across three funding rounds from prominent investors such as RTP Global, Sequoia Capital, Bertelsmann India, Omidyar Network, Omnivore Partners, Better Capital, AngelList, and Tempo Ventures. These investors, known for backing successful startups and taking companies to IPOs globally, provide Bijak with financial backing, strategic support, and credibility in the market.

Charting the Future of Agricultural Trade

As Bijak continues to expand its reach and refine its platform, the impact on India's agricultural trading landscape is profound. By leveraging technology to address critical issues of transparency, information access, and reliability, Bijak empowers traders to operate more efficiently and profitably. The platform's rapid growth and widespread adoption are testaments to its effectiveness and the trust it has earned within the agricultural community.

Bijak's journey is a testament to the power of innovation and vision. What began as a solution to the inefficiencies in agricultural trade has grown into a platform reshaping the industry's future. By connecting traders, enhancing transparency, and providing reliable data, Bijak is facilitating better transactions and driving progress and prosperity in the agricultural sector.

Conclusion: A Catalyst for Change

Bijak is more than just a trading app; it catalyses change in India's agricultural sector. Its commitment to bridging technology, information, and credit access gaps has made it an invaluable tool for traders nationwide. With its visionary leadership, strong investor backing, and unwavering commitment to innovation, Bijak is poised to lead the future of agricultural trading in India. As the platform continues to grow and evolve, it remains dedicated to empowering traders and transforming the farm landscape, one transaction at a time.

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